We get many questions about which hull paint we recommend. It is of course very hard to answer generally for all boats and waters.

Scrubbis products are developed to suits most of boat shapes and hull surfaces. But we have some recommendations that you can use as base when you make your choice of hull paint.

      • Non-toxic paint. No need of poison because Scrubbis take care of the fouling.
      • Hard and smooth paint surface. So Scrubbis brushes can reach slides on the hull surface.

Below we recommend some of products that we have tested our products on with good results. Also, we believe that these brands stand for the same environmental thinking as we do.


AquaMarine HULL

Foul release hull coatings

AquaMarine HULL is an advanced foul release system which uses silicone technologies to provide a hydrophobic, super-slippery hull surface which makes it almost impossible for fouling species like barnacles, mussels, tubeworm, sea squirts and seaweed to adhere to. Essentially, the bond created by the adhesive glue or rooting of fouling species is weakened to the point that it can simply be wiped or jet washed off.

Unlike other foul defense and antifoul systems, our foul release hull coatings do not contain harmful biocides that can harm marine life and can also be applied to any hull surface. If you are looking for improvements in boat speed and maneuverability, a reduction in your fuel emissions while also reducing your carbon footprint, then coating your boat hull with AquaMarine HULL is the perfect choice to protect your boat from fouling.

AquaMarine HULL is from the supplier AquaMarine.  Read more about the product here.

Tiger Coat

Tiger Coat is a two-component epoxy based hull protection paint. The paint creates a hard, shiny and slippery surface that is very easy to keep clean, making it difficult for fouling to adhere. Tiger Coat contains no chemical fouling protection and is very well suited as a base for mechanical cleaning options such as hull washing and exfoliating sponges. At the same time, the paint gives a dense protection against moisture intrusion of the hull. These properties are all in the one paint. Tiger Coat is a completely new and environmentally friendly way to treat your hull.

Tiger coat is from the supplier Lefant. Read more about the product here.