Go green, get speed

Scrubbis concept is a simple and environmentally friendly alternative for managing your boat hull.

Faster boat

Scrubbis makes your boat up to 30% faster! A clean hull creates a lower friction in the water

Save money

Affordable tools to take care of your hull. A clean hull gives you up to 20% lower operating cost for motorboats

Good for the environment

Using Scrubbis instead of using toxic paints or other chemicals is the solution to a major environmental problem

Easy and quick

Exploit the buoyancy power to simplify and faster clean the hull

Easy to bring

Foldable and easy to stow away in the boat with the detachable parts and modularity. Scrubbis is always available when needed


UnderLine System – cleaning under the water surface

UnderLine System makes it easy to remove algae and other coatings from your hull. You clean it by yourself while the boat is in the water. Scrubbis is a cleaning tool which is designed to be gentle on the hull and at the same time an effective tool for removing all kind of coatings. The material, design and function make it unique and fulfill the purpose. The cleaning head has a buoyancy of 2 kg which continuously push it against the hull. It has flexible flanges which follows the shape of the hull also when it has rails and edges. The design of the Scrubbis is patented. Scrubbis should be used regularly from once a month to once a week depending on the water. It is important to use it frequently enough to prevent the growing of hard shells. In the Baltic Sea once a month is enough. There is not much effort needed to use the Scrubbis . It is similar to vacuum cleaning. Read more about the products in UnderLine System.

Products in UnderLine System:

  • Hull Scraper SET – a set for scrubbing and scraping away fouling.
  • Groovy – accessory for Hull Scraper agains rougher and harder fouling.
  • Indciator Plate – Indicator plate that shows when the fouling grows on your boat hull.


WaterLine System – cleaning at the water surface

Waterline System consists of several products to easily and effectively manage, clean and take care of the hull at the waterline.

The concept of Waterline Systems is to manage the hull at the water line with the boat still in the water. The dirt line that will be on the hull be cleaned regularly so that the hull is clean and nice throughout the boating season. The dirt and the coating formed on the hull at the water surface is moist and easily removed while the boat remains in the water. Our system is environmentally friendly when you combine it with mechanical cleaning with a mild detergent. No harsh chemicals or acids needs to be used. Read more about the products in WaterLine System.

The products in WaterLine Systems:

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FunFacts about Scrubbis

Faster boat with clean scrubbed boat hull.
Lower fuel costs with clean scrubbed boat hull.
Environmentally friendly with Scrubbis instead of toxic anti-fouling.
Number of hours you save by skipping the toxic hull paint every year.
Number of minutes it takes to clean the hull with Scrubbis brush scraper.
Gasoline Savings in crowns SEK if all boats in Sweden had clean hull.