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How does Scrubbis work?

– What really makes this cleaning tool so fantastic?

Fouling of hulls

– What is the barnacles?
– What are slugs?
– How does fouling boat and hull?
– How do I remove algae, seaweed, moss, barnacles and limpets from the hull?
– How do I avoid algae, barnacles and limpets from the hull?

Washing and bottom washing

– What is the brush washes for boats?
– How does the bottom of the wash?
– What are the alternatives to brush wash?

Cleaning the boat and hull

– How can I clean the hull?
– Is it environmentally friendly cleaning the boat?
– What is a hull brush?

Boat paints

– What is the antifouling paint?
– Are there non-toxic antifouling?
– What are environmentally friendly alternative to antifouling paint are there?
– Do I need anti-fouling paint and what are the alternatives?