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Indicator plate

Shows when the vegetation is blooming in the sea

Item.No: 86106


The indicator plate shows when marine plants, such as algae and barnacles, bloom in the sea and in the lake. The Indicator plate is tied to your berth with a fishline and placed in the water. Pick it up from time to time during the season to see and follow the algae bloom.  

With Indicator plate you can see when it is time to scrub out growth on your boat hull. By having the indicator plate underwater where you have your boat, it will be the same growth on the plate as on your boat hull. Tie the indicator plate to your boat or to the pier where you store the boat. By regularly checking the indicator plate, you can see how big the growth is on your boat hull. You can then more easily determine when it is time to clean the hull with Scrubbis Hull Cleaning Kit.

Tips och advice

Tie it to the jetty at your berth and put it in the water at the beginning of the season. In this way, you can follow the algae bloom in your particular area.

Paint the plate on one side with the same boat bottom paint as you have on your boat hull. Then you see how the vegetation acts against your boat hull.


Shows the algae bloom and vegetation in your waters.
Easily accessible with a string tied to the jetty.
The type of plastic in the plate has the right density to sink into the water and simulate the hull.
Can be painted with the same anti-fouling as the boat hull.


Measurements: (length, width) 12 x 12 cm 86 106

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