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Scrubbis offers environmentally friendly and smart products for your leisure;sail;motor boat.

  • ECO CARE: Eco friendly tools to clean and maintain your boat hull.
  • SMART MOORING: Smart tools to moor your boat in any situation.

Eco Care;Friendly;Cleaning

Our Eco Care solution are environmental friendly and smart tools to clean and maintain your boat hull, under the water and above on deck.

Scrubbis offers a total solution to take care of your boat:

Hull Cleaning to remove algae and other coatings from your hull. You clean it by yourself while the boat is in the water.
Waterline Cleaning to effectively manage, clean and take care of the hull at the waterline.
Deck Cleaning to wet down and clean the deck in a smart way by reusing nature resources.
Indicator plate helps you indicate and detect marine growth in your harbor.
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One Handle fits all

One telescopic handle that fits all accessories in the Scrubbis family. Makes your cleaning effective and your mooring safe.

Smart Mooring;Hooks;Securing

Our Smart Mooring solution include tools to moor your boat in any situation; hooks, threading rope or sling around a pole.

Scrubbis offers a total solution to moor your boat in any situation you face:

Hook on a buoy or deck that with a long reach and secure.
Thread rope through a buoy or deck ring and get the rope back to the boat, for easier release.
Sling that have an open ring form for easier fetch a pole or bollard with long reach.
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Fun Facts about Scrubbis

Faster boat

Scrubbis hull cleaning makes your boat up to 30% faster! A clean hull creates a lower friction in the water.

Save money

A clean hull gives you up to 20% lower operating cost for motorboats. Also, The Scrubbis tools are affordable for the purpose.

Good for the environment

Using Scrubbis instead of using toxic paints or other chemicals is the solution to a major environmental problem.

Easy and quick

Exploit the buoyancy power to simplify and faster clean the hull.

Antal timmar som sparas genom att hoppa över giftig båtbottenfärger varje år.

Easy to bring

Modular system that is easy to disassemble and stow away in the boat. Scrubbis products are always available when needed.

Antal minuter det tar att rengöra skrovet med Scrubbis bottenskrapan.


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