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About Scrubbis

Welcome to Scrubbis!

We are your expert in environmentally friendly boat cleaning products with high quality which facilitates the maintenance of your boat hull.

Scrubbis Brand

Scrubbis is a CleanTech company that stands for sustainable and environmentally friendly products with high quality and smart innovations that make work easier for our customers.

The Company

The brand Scrubbis is owned by LTC Lejon Trading Co AB and is located in Helsingborg, Sweden. Scrubbis concept offers a simple and environmentally friendly alternative to todays hull care. The goal with our CleanTech products is to develop simple, inexpensive, mobile, and above all environmentally friendly tools in which the individual boat owner can manage their own hull cleaning during the season.

Scrubbis Globally

The problem of biofouling exist worldwide in the oceans, lakes and rivers. Our CleanTech products will cover all the needs and aquatic environments. At the same time there is a global change of the awareness of the environmental aspect and it is in everyone’s interest to take responsibility for taking care of our water on earth. We would like to contribute with innovative and quality products that will help the individual boat owner to make environmentally friendly choices. Therefore we try to constantly find new distributors in new countries for our products to be available to all. Today Scrubbis is available in nine different countries.

Our Goal

Scrubbis offers simple and effective tools to clean the hull in an environmentally friendly manner. Our vision is that all boat owners should get the most out of the season and put as little time as possible on the need to clean the hull of the boat. The key is to regularly keep after in order to get the benefits of a clean hull and avoid the tough work after the season.

We are committed to anticipating, understanding and meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. With our commitment and passion for our products, we are constantly seeking new innovations that can simplify and meet our customers’ needs. Our customers and distributors are a vital part of our success.

  CleanTech taxonomy

Scrubbis is a CleanTech concept in the marine leisure boat business. Our innovative products provide solutions to global climate and resource challenges, while offering competitive returns for customers. Our visions with our solutions and product range is to create a Clean Technology that intend to:
• Provide superior performance at lower costs, while
• Reducing or eliminating negative ecological impact in seawater, at the same time as
• Improving the productive and responsible use of natural resources.

Join the journey with us and make a difference!