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Boat wash machines for boat hull

Boat wash machines for boat hull works like car washers. The brush wash has rotating brushes that remove fouling (such as algae, seaweed, moss and barnacles) from the boat hull without using chemicals. There are stationary and mobile bottom washes. A boat wash takes about 15 minutes and it’s recommended that you wash your boat approximately 3-4 times per season. The price per bottom wash is approximately 40-70 USD.

Hull wash with brush washers is a much better method than using toxic bottom paints. As you don’t use chemicals in the bottom wash it’s a much eco-friendlier alternative.


Alternatives to boat wash machines

There are several alternative to brush washes that either prevents or removes fouling. Among the alternatives, we can mention canvas, lifts, airless spray etc.

A complement or alternative to the brush wash are the Scrubbis-products.

With SCRUBBIS you easily remove barnacles, algae and other fouling from the hull of the boat. You clean the hull yourself while the boat is still in the water.

SCRUBBIS is a cleaning tool which is developed to be gentle to the boat hull while at the same time an effective tool to remove fouling from the hull. The cleaning head has a built-in buoyance of 2 kg that pushes up against the hull.

You use Scrubbis when you have the time and motivation, and as often that you want.