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How Scrubbis works?


How does it work?

Scrubbis is the profitable and eco-friendly solution to the problem of boat fouling. Material selection, design and function makes Scrubbis unique for the purpose.

Scrubbis is a cleaning tool that is pushed down into the water below the hull of the boat. It has a buoyancy upwards of about 2 kg. This makes it very easy to slide underneath the boat and even down on the keel and the bulb. The fouling comes off immediately!

The mechanical force is greater than it is in the large boat washers and therefore more efficient. It also removes barnacles before they get shells. A 30-35 foot sailboat is cleaned about half an hour. You put the boat along, for example, a floating bridge. Then you move along the boat while scrubbing back and forth towards the center.


How to use Hull Scraper SET on your boat:

  • Put the boat along a jetty or similar.
  • Push down Scrubbis under the water and the hull. The force of the Scrubbis cleaning head makes it float and pushes against the hull with 2 kg / 4.4 lbs.
  • Pull the handle back and forth and the scraping strips will remove the fouling on the hull.
  • Then you move along the boat while brushing back and forth towards the center.
  • If you have steps in the hull, you can use Scrubbis only in drag mode or push mode depending on what direction the steps are in.
Animation skrovrengöring SET - Hur man rengör båtbotten


Assembly of Scrubbis products is very simple and requires no external tools. See the videos below for assembling and combining the various Scrubbis products.

Hull Scraper SET (86102)

Groovy Head (86152)

WaterLine Brush (86103)