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Groovy brush

Hull cleaning coarse fouling

Item.No: 86152


Clean your boat hull from rough fouling such as sea barnacles and abundant marine growth. With the Groovy brush you get a clean hull that gives faster boat and lower fuel consumption. 

Groovy is specially designed for tough and intense fouling. It occurs more frequently in saline water or boats that are often standing still. Groovy cleaning head is an accessory* to Scrubbis Hull Scraper SET 86102, by replacing the regular head. Groovy Head has a built-in buoyancy force of 2 kg / 4.4 lb and is fitted with a coarser brush that more easily removes stronger and stubborn fouling. The bristles of the brush is slightly inclined to be gentle on the hull, but hard enough to remove stubborn fouling.

Tips och advice

For best results, we recommend that you use the Regular Head in Scrubbis Hull Scraper SET afterwards to remove remaining debris and mucus.

* Groovy Head assumes that you have Scrubbis Hull Scraper SET (86102). For best results, you should use Groovy Head regularly before the barnacles become hard and sharp.


Removes rough fouling from the hull
Buoyancy force that does half the work
Save fuel consumption 20%
Faster boat up to 30%


Measurements: (diameter, length) 11 x 40 cm (4.3 x 15.7 in) 86 152

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