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Telescopic Handle

ONE telescopic handle for all Scrubbis’ products

Item.No: 86151


Telescopic handle adapted for marine environment and fits all other Scrubbis products. It is a sturdy shaft that can easily be extended from 110 to 210cm (43.3-86.6 in). 

With Scrubbis Telescopic Handle, you only need ONE shaft in the boat to meet your cleaning and mooring needs. ONE handle fits all Scrubbis products, such as the WaterLine brush, Catching boat hook, HookGrip holder, Boathook adapter.

The telescopic handle is part of Hull Cleaning SET and this item also serves as a spare part.

The telescopic shafts are made of powerful anodized aluminum to withstand the necessary forces as well as the marine environment.

The telescopic shaft is connected to other Scrubbis products by inserting the shaft into another AL tube in the connected product. The attachment is secured by a stainless steel spring button that locks the telescopic shaft into the connected product.

Tips and advice

To extend the shaft, rotate the lower part and pull out the telescopic shaft to the desired length. Then you lock the shaft by turning the lower part back.


Powerful aluminum shaft
Anodized aluminum that is marine adapted
Telescopic handle extends from 110-210 cm
Secure and firm connection with spring button


Measurements: (length) 110 – 210 cm (43.3-86.6 in). 86 151

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