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Hull Scraper SET

When the hull is still in the water it is very easy to scrub away the soft fouling before they germinate to become barnacles and seashell. The cleaning head has a built-in buoyancy of 2 kg which presses up against the hull. Material selection, design and function makes it unique for the purpose. The scrapers are made of rubber and when you pull the handle back and forth the the narrow strips scrape with 2 kg pressure on your boat hull, which removes fouling such as seaweed and barnacles very effective.

With the help of the buoyancy the cleaning head will press against the hull regardless of the shape and form. All you need to do is to control and steer the cleaning head under the hull where the fouling have grown. Its important that you don’t use Hull Scraper SET on already hardened fouling. A 30-35 foot sailboat takes about 20 minutes to clean, and do this 3-6 times per season, you have guaranteed a clean hull when you take the boat up for the season. In addition, the boat goes faster and gives you lower fuel consumption.

The cleaning head is provided with soft, flexible scrapers and a hard scraper to access all angles and forms a hull may have. The handle is an easy to use telescopic pole that can be up to 210cm /83in and 320cm/126in long with extension pipe. Hull Scraper SET can be easily disassembled for easy storage.

Note that the Hull Scraper SET is intended for soft fouling and not already hardened and sharp fouling. For more abundant and harder fouling, complete with the Groovy Head accessory as shown below.

Dimensions: Length 113-320 cm/43-126 in, width 40 cm/16 in, diameter 9,5 cm/3.7 in 86 102

Groovy Head

Groovy is specially designed for tough and intense fouling. It occurs more frequently in saline water  or boats that are often standing still. Groovy cleaning head is an accessory* to Scrubbis Hull Scraper SET 86102, by replacing the regular head. Groovy Head has a built-in buoyancy force of 2 kg / 4.4 lb and is fitted with a coarser brush that more easily removes stronger and stubborn fouling. The bristles of the brush is slightly inclined to be gentle on the hull, but hard enough to remove stubborn fouling. For best results, we recommend that you use the Regular Head in Scrubbis Hull Scraper SET afterwards to remove remaining debris and mucus.

Groovy Head assumes that you have Scrubbis Hull Scraper SET (86102). For best results, you should use Groovy Head regularly before the barnacles become hard and sharp. “.

Dimensions: 11 x 40 cm / 4.3 x 15.7 in 86 152

Indicator Plate

With Indicator Plate you can see when it’s time to scrub away fouling on your boat hull. By having an indicator plate under the water where you have your boat you will get the same fouling on the plate as on your boat hull. Tie the indicator plate on your boat or on the jetty where you store the boat. By regularly check the indicator plate, you can see how much fouling there is on your boat hull. You can then easily determine when it is time to clean the hull with Scrubbis.

Dimensions: 12 x 12 cm/ 4.7 x 4.7 in 86 106

WaterLine Brush

With our Waterline Brush you can easily remove dirt that is formed at the waterline on the hull. It removes dirt and stains such as grease, soot, oil and biofouling. The cleaning head has 1 kg buoyancy which helps to push the brush against the hull and is provided with a soft fleece brush on one side and a scraper on the other side. Scrub with fleece brush on the dirt and turn the side to rinse and remove residue with the scraper. For best results, we recommend that you use our Cleaner Spray on the fleece brush before scrubbing.

Waterline brush is used with the handle to Scrubbis SET or the Telescopic handle sold seperately.

Waterline Brush should be used when the boat is in the water and the dirt is still soft and easy to remove.

Dimensions: (width, length, height) 8 x 20 x 12 cm / 3.1 x 7.9 x 4.7 in 86 103

WaterLine Cleaner Spray

Our cleaning spray provides extra cleaning power when cleaning with Waterline Brush. The dissolve dirt and scale formed on the hull at the waterline. Spray the fleece brush and scrub while the boat still is in the water. Waterline Cleaner Spray is 100% water soluble, which is environmentally friendly and contains no acids or chemicals that harm gelcoat, textiles, steel, or glass.

Volume: 0.5 L/16.91 oz 86 200

Telescopic Handle

Handle for Waterline Brush. Telescopic Handle allows to scrub the hull at the waterline. You can stand on the deck or a nearby jetty to clean the dirt edge which is at the waterline

It also acts as a spare to Hull Scraper SET.

Dimensions: 110-220 cm/ 43.3-86.6 in 86 151

Regular Head

Over time the cleaning head of your Scrubbis Hull Scraper SET wears out. Therefore, we now have one in reserve so that you can easily replace your cleaning head and scrub more effective – just like when your product directly from the packaging! Your already expended, you can easily recover from your recycling center.

Dimensions: 40 x 9,5 cm/16 x 3.7 in 86 120

Hull Paint and anti-fouling

What hull paint shall you have on your hull? Scrubbis products are developed to suits most of boat shapes and hull surfaces. But we have some recommendations for you regarding hull paint, that suits our products best.

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  • Non-toxic paint. No need of poison because Scrubbis take care of the fouling.
  • Hard and smooth paint surface. So Scrubbis brushes can reach and slides on the hull surface.


You can read more about recommended products that we have tested our products on with good results.




Expired products

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