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HookGrip Holder

Easier and safer mooring

Item.No: 86109


HookGrip is a holder for simplifying and safe mooring with Merx Haken and Sling.

HookGrip is a simple and smart holder for mooring hooks like the Scrubbis Merx hook (#86110) and Flex hook and also for sling. When you place the Merx hook in the HookGrip, the hook latch opens for easier mooring against eg buoy ring.
You can also use HookGrip as a holder for Scrubbis Sling (# 86112). In this way, an open ring is created in the sling that facilitates mooring to piles.
Mount the HookGrip on the Scrubbis Telescopic Handle (86151), which will give you a reaching range of up to 2 meters (80 ”).
The mooring of the hook and the loop becomes SAFE and SIMPLE.

Tips and advice

Fits Scrubbis Telescopic Handle (86151), which minimizes the need for an additional handle on your boat. Swedish innovation HookGrip is another quality product in the Scrubbis family, which saves space and gives flexibility.


Simplifies mooring
Safer mooring
Provides longer reach range when mooring
Fits both Merx hook and Sling


Measurements (width, length, height):

8 x 27 x 3 cm (3.1 x 10.6x 1.2 in)

Art.nr: 86 109

Product presentation

Product presentation

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