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Sling strap

Stiff strap creates an open ring

Item.No: 86112


Scrubbis Sling is a strong and durable strap for mooring on posts, bollards.

Sling is made of very strong and durable material for mooring on posts and bollards. It has a unique feature where a part of the strap is reinforced and makes it stiffer.

You can place the Scrubbis Sling in the HookGrip Holder (86110) and it will form an open ring for easier mooring. When you use it with the Telescopic Handle (86151), you also get a reach range up to 2 meters (80 ”).

Scrubbis Sling makes mooring easy, safe and accurate.

Tips and advice

You place the Sling in the Scrubbis HookGrip holder (86110) by folding one end and inserting it into the HookGrip. Then you tie the ends of the strap together with a rope as for mooring in the boat.


Shaped into an open ring
Longer and easier reach range
Säker och ackurat förtöjning
Withstand 2500 kg / 5500 lbs traction


Measurements: (Length, width) 110 x 4 cm 86 112

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