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DipDeck Brush

Deck brush with built-in water container.

Item.No: 86108


DipDeck brush is an EcoSmart 2-in-1 brush with built-in water container. Soak down the surface and brush the boat deck.

Brush with built-in water tank to soak down the deck or jetty while brushing. It is easier to brush and clean the surface when its wet. Fill the water tank with water by dipping the DipDeck brush into the sea/lake from the boat or dock. You can also refill with fresh water from a water hose. The water will run out through the brush and soak the surface. The water tank is a foldable bellows, which minimizes the size of the entire brush for easier storage.

The DipDeck brush is an environmentally friendly alternative, as you recycle the water from the sea / lake to clean. This way you do not waste fresh water from the water hose.

Of course, DipDeck fits the already existing Telescope shaft (# 86151) in the Scrubbis family.

Tips and advice

You can also pour a little detergent, such as eco-friendly soap, into the water container to shampoo the surface. Then you can only use water from the sea / lake in the water tank to rinse the surface.


Brush with built-in water tank
Dip and refill from sea water
Water comes out through the brush
Foldable water container to minimize storage size


Width x Depth: 24×13 cm ( 9.5×5.1 in)
Folded, Height: 18 cm (7.1 in)
Extended, Height: 35 cm (38.8 in)
Volume: 4 L (135 OZ)

Item.No: 86108

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