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WaterLine cleaning spray

Cleaning the water line on the boat hull

Item.No: 86200


With Scrubbis Waterline cleaning spray dissolves dirt formed at the waterline on the hull.

Scrubbis cleaning spray provides extra cleaning power when cleaning with Waterline Brush. The dissolve dirt and oil formed on the hull at the waterline. Spray the fleece brush and scrub while the boat still is in the water. Waterline Cleaner Spray is 100% water soluble, which is environmentally friendly and contains no acids or chemicals that harm gelcoat, textiles, steel, or glass.

Tips och advice

Waterline cleaning spray can be used on the WaterLine brush to easily dissolve the dirt.

* Waterline spray should be used when the boat is in water and the dirt is still soft and easy to remove.


Environmentally friendly and 100% water soluble
Effective cleaning and removal
Enhances waterline cleaning
Clean holes throughout the season


Volume: 0,5 L (16.9 oz)

Art.nr: 86 200

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