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Hull Cleaning KIT

Clean your boat hull from fouling

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Clean your boat hull from fouling such as algae, seagrass and early soft sea tulips. With Hull Scraper SET bottom cleaning, you scrape and brush the boat bottom from the dock, without diving into the water under the boat. It is an environmentally friendly alternative, instead of using toxic hull paints (anti-fouling). 

When the boat is still in the water, it is very easy to scrub off the fouling from the hull before it grows to become sea tulips and barnacles. The cleaning head has a built-in buoyancy force of 2 kg (4.4 lbs), which pushes up against the hull. Material selection, design and function make the product unique for the purpose. The scratch strips are made of rubber and when you pull the handle back and forth, the narrow strips scratch with 2kg (4.4 lbs) pressure against your boat hull, which removes marine growth such as seagrass and early sea tulips very effectively. The invisible slime that forms on the hull is also removed.

Thanks to the buoyancy of 2 kg, the cleaning head follows the hull regardless of shape. All you have to do is direct the power under the hull where the fouling have settled. A 30-35 foot sailboat takes about 20 minutes to clean, and if you do this 3-6 times per season, you have guaranteed a clean hull when you pick up the boat after the season! In addition, the boat goes faster and gives you lower fuel consumption.

The handle is an easy-to-use telescopic handle that can be 210 cm (83 in) long and 320 cm (126 in) with the extension tube, so you can also reach down to the keel and bulb if you have a sailboat. Hull cleaning SET can be easily disassembled for easier storage.

Tips and advice

Hull Scraper SET is an environmentally friendly alternative and can be used instead of toxic boat hull paints (anti-fouling) or as a supplement to hull paints with biocides.

You should use hard and smooth hull paint on the hull for best results with Hull Scraper SET.

NOTE that Hull Scraper SET is intended for soft marine growth and not already hardened fouling, such as hard and sharp sea tulips. For richer and tougher vegetation, supplement with the SCRUBBIS Groovy brush accessory as below.


Removes soft fouling from the hull
Buoyancy force that does half the work
Takes about 20 min to clean a 40 footer
Save fuel consumption up to 20%
Skip toxic anti-fouling paints
Faster boat up to 30%


Dimensions: Length 113-320 cm (44-126 in), Width 40 cm (16 in), diameter 9,5 cm (3.7 in) 86 102

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